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Annual Classic Iceberger Events

The John Locco Invitational Winter Classic

The Icebergers Premier event on the calendar This event is held mid Winter and is swum over three courses – 2km,1.4km and 1km With a sea temp of 8 to 9 deg C. The longest and oldest cold water swimming event in Australia.

Olsen – Hooper Summer Handicap

An annual swim inaugurated in 2003 it is a handicap event which is swum out to the reef marker over a 2km course. Originally called the Summer Handicap it was renamed in 2004 the Olsen – Hooper Handicap recognising the mateship over 50 years of two of the Club’s senior and best performing swimmers, Rob Hooper and John Olsen

Taking out the honours in the inaugural year was Leigh Betts and in 2004 it was won by Robbie Robertson. Robbie, a particularly creative and resourceful Iceberger can be blamed or credited for suggesting the 2005 event be swum in period costume – circa early 1900;s - an outfit which covers a good part of the male body and which some say creates drag in the water – a handy excuse for poor times. It obviously slowed Robbie but not Greg Fountain who took out the swim in 2005 and in 2006 Leigh Betts was back on the podium after agreat swim.

Handicapping provides even the slowest swimmer with some chance of a podium finish – yet to be seen - but the intention is there.

The race starts traditionally at 8.30am off the beach and finishes at the pier steps. Fastest time in 2006 was 31.01sec and fastest on handicap was 35.34 sec. Slowest time was 57.02 .There’s hope for everyone !

New Year’s Eve Midnight Swim

Not to be undertaken by the novice this 1.25km swim in the phospherous flecked black sea starts from the pier at 11.45pm and pauses at midnight at the “silver pole” marker located out at sea 1km plus from the start point. As fireworks light the night sky and city skyline marking the new Year the swim is completed followed by a few beers and glasses of bubbly back onshore. Suggestions of mooring a chilly bin at the silver pole with a few “coldies” inside to refresh swimmers like Andrew Miller, Terry Fox, Paul Percy !

Family Day Swim

Iceberger families come out to play and swim in various races as a team.

Solstice Swim

Welcome the Winter Solstice evening swim.

Monthly Medal Handicap Races

Sharpen your tactics and form in the monthly handicap races.  All handicap times calculated by Ross on his Grey supercomputer.

Heavy Weight Championship of the Bay

The meanest, fastest and keenest top 10 swimmers slog it out at breakneck speed around the 2Km to claim the Title Belt.

Lorne invitational

Private social race & get together down the coast.

Christmas Relay Race

Group Sprint race between the landings, team leaders and tactics are crucial.

Annual Inter-club Race with Pirates & Mount Martha

Annual Inter-club races with other chapter groups. Contact us if your winter swim club wants to challenge.


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Swim courses

Heat map of swim courses (from strava):
Courses below with distance, popular course underlined.
High and low tide mark distance difference: 16 m.  This means each course measurement I've given you is +- 32m  !   Which means when you wade in the water as we all do, it is plus or minus 40 m. 
Yellow triangle - 691.22 from the hide tide mark:

7:30am pole 3 - 820m return from the high tide mark.
Pole 4 return: 1,003.32m

It a Corner Wide Return 1,142.7m

Starters hut return - 2 x 618.64=1,237.28 from high tide mark


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