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And did those feet

As another winter approaches let us remember the Icebergers who have left us to swim..  Lyrics by Ted Baillieu;

And did those feet in ancient times
walk upon Brighton's bravest pier,
And did the holy speedo god
in Brighton's freezing water cheer,
And did his countenance bovine
shine forth upon those ageing crocks,
And was icebergery founded here
around these dark volcanic rocks,
Bring me my cap & rubber-hood,
Bring me my budgies of desire,
Bring me my gear, I'm feeling good,
Bring me the sauna and then fire,
I will not cease through wind or wave,
nor shall the cold hold any fear,
Till we have swum all temperatures
in Brighton's winter water clear..


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Welcome to the Brighton Icebergers

Welcome to the home of the "Brighton Icebergers", the year round open water swimming group founded by John Locco – sea temp in Winter 7 – 12 deg C rising to 22 deg C in Summer.
The Brighton Icebergers, with much history behind them, have access to two great facilities for year round swimming.

In the 1980's when John Locco, the prime mover in the preservation of the Middle Brighton Baths and environs began swimming around the Brighton pier with his great mate Robert Hooper, little did he envisage how the number of swimmers would grow, events multiply and sorties undertaken to compete in ocean swims around Victoria and the Globe..Read More..
2018 photo  2017 photo 2016 photo  2014 photo
2013 photo
2012 photo
2011 photo  2010 by Jenny Roberts Thompson 2009 by Andrew Miller 2008 by Jenny Roberts Thompson 2007 by Andrew Miller
Click on each photo to view enlarged version.

Swim courses

Heat map of swim courses (from strava):
Courses below with distance, popular course underlined.
High and low tide mark distance difference: 16 m.  This means each course measurement I've given you is +- 32m  !   Which means when you wade in the water as we all do, it is plus or minus 40 m. 
Yellow triangle - 691.22 from the hide tide mark:

7:30am pole 3 - 820m return from the high tide mark.
Pole 4 return: 1,003.32m

It a Corner Wide Return 1,142.7m

Starters hut return - 2 x 618.64=1,237.28 from high tide mark

Notice about using our group email

Please be considerate when setting emails to all icebergers, it is to be used for general group communications only
Use social media, individual emails, facebook, etc, for social chats, private or commercial activities
Email history:!categories/icebergers
To get the full list of contact details, or subscribe or unsubscribe please email to john.s.