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Icebergers digital communications

Iceberger Digital Communications

Howdy.:-).. Just to let you know how these things work, the what and where of our digital communications.

Please sending any swim stories, links or photo's etc to any committee member (Keith Badger, Ingilby Dickson, Ross Macdowell, Libby O'Farrell, Alistair Purvey, Don Warner), or John Scanlon via email:

Ways to add or contribute:  use the group email, posting to the facebook private group or upload to our shared photo store, or the iceberger website.  Just ask, happy to help. 

Icebergers Web Site

This is a collection of information about us, our icy moment stories, swimmer adventures, results, links and videos, etc.  We also receive general queries from the public via the Contact Us form. 

The site is accessible via the web and mobile devices.  It has gadgets for searching, sorting, subscribing, etc.  To submit stories to it, just email to  Any iceberger can submit stories or photos.  If you want to help manage the site, we'll train you too.

Icebergers Social Media - facebook groups, etc

We have a facebook page here - anybody can friend this page including public friends:

We have a private facebook group (below link).  Only icebergers can join this page.  Anything posted within the private facebook group can only be seen by icebergers which are members of the group. Follow the link and request to join:


We have an Instragram account which is here:

We have a Twitter account at 'Brighton Iceberger' or @Biceberger, you can follow, but we haven't begun actively using it too.

On Google+ you can friend with ''.  This is not very active.

Icebergers Group Emails

For Group emails we have a single email address, (using google groups), which we can use to send emails to the whole group.  The list is maintained by Don.W & John S.  Any emails send to this group will go to all members automatically.   Members only can view a history of messages using this address here:

Icebergers Members List

The complete members list is stored online.  It contains names, telephones, emails and emergency contact details.

Email:, or Don.W or John.S to get a PDF copy.  The list is reviewed periodically and details updated or non members removed. 

Icebergers Group Photo's and Videos

If you want photo's or videos to be available and stored in our online account in perpetuity please contact us to get the login details for uploading photo's and sharing, or for videos.  We use picasa and youtube.

Icebergers Results

Some old results are held in our google drive account.  Any other results send out to the Icebergers email group can be found in our email forum archive (members only) at:

Icebergers Events

Events Information is sent out via Email regularly by the committee.


We have Contact Us form and Merchandise form.  If you need others, please let us know.  You can update your contact details anytime here: Update your details.

Privacy Summary

  • Website - all public
  • Group Email List - goes to members only
  • Facebook Account - public friends
  • Facebook Private Group - private to members only
  • Online Members List - private to administrators and members only
  • Google Photos - a private store but available to public if album links are shared
  • Flickr - Don Warner regulary shares using flickr - available to public if the link is shared
  • Youtube - on the website as public, but also private via private link only
Questions welcome.  Submit online or email: or discuss with the committee or John Scanlon.

Enjoy your swimming !


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Welcome to the home of the "Brighton Icebergers", the year round open water swimming group founded by John Locco – sea temp in Winter 7 – 12 deg C rising to 22 deg C in Summer.
The Brighton Icebergers, with much history behind them, have access to two great facilities for year round swimming.

In the 1980's when John Locco, the prime mover in the preservation of the Middle Brighton Baths and environs began swimming around the Brighton pier with his great mate Robert Hooper, little did he envisage how the number of swimmers would grow, events multiply and sorties undertaken to compete in ocean swims around Victoria and the Globe..Read More..
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Swim courses

Heat map of swim courses (from strava):
Courses below with distance, popular course underlined.
High and low tide mark distance difference: 16 m.  This means each course measurement I've given you is +- 32m  !   Which means when you wade in the water as we all do, it is plus or minus 40 m. 
Yellow triangle - 691.22 from the hide tide mark:

7:30am pole 3 - 820m return from the high tide mark.
Pole 4 return: 1,003.32m

It a Corner Wide Return 1,142.7m

Starters hut return - 2 x 618.64=1,237.28 from high tide mark

Notice about using our group email

Please be considerate when setting emails to all icebergers, it is to be used for general group communications only
Use social media, individual emails, facebook, etc, for social chats, private or commercial activities
Email history:!categories/icebergers
To get the full list of contact details, or subscribe or unsubscribe please email to john.s.